Brunch is not just for brands that missed breakfast. It is also for folks who have ventured into the creative industry from unexpected places. We foster a culture of openness, sharing and learning while serving clients with commitment. Focus and discipline free us to be creative in our work.

Javed Ahmed 
Javed loves to invent brands by understanding the people behind them, and the people that buy them. He heads content strategy at Brunch with insights from the social sciences, art and literature. 

Anas K

In his graphic design career of over 15 years, Anas has specialised in identity and editorial, with several logos and marks in India and the Middle East to his credit, besides magazines and coffee table books. He is director of design and co-founder at Brunch. 

Ranjith V 

Having worked on several packaging design projects for Tata Consumer Products and ITC Foods, Ranjith joined Brunch as senior packaging designer with a view to bringing together studio-style craft and popular design tropes. He is also an avid agriculturist.  

Nithya Mohan

Dividing her time between bodybuilding, bike-riding and film-scripting, Nithya's time at Brunch is a meditative break in editorial design. She spends a lot of time choosing the right image for the right words, and learning from the masters.
Nihala Parvin

With a background in commerce, Nihala is finding her feet among the grids and gestalts of graphic design. She enjoys taking on new and different tasks, mostly in editorial. 

Abdul Nasser 

Trained as a UI designer, Nasser is discovering his broader calling as a multi-faceted creative at Brunch. He has interests in brand strategy, digital design, advertising, product design and entrepreneurship. Once a goalkeeper, he now follows professional football for fun and inspiration.
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